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Attachment Points
The Second Life Avatar has 30 possible attachment points and 8 for HUD.
There can be only 1 attachement per point. You might have attachements
which use the same attachment point. Here is what you can do:

1) Change The Original Attachment Point of an object.

Choose 'Attach to' instead of 'Wear' and change the default attachment
point. You likely will have to adjust the objects position with Edit.

2) Make a Linked set which reduces the attachment points needed.

For instance, if you use Ears that are linked together they only require
ONE attach point, leaving the other Ear point open to wear Headphones.

3) Use a Third-Party Viewer with Extra Attach Points

With some viewers, you have one extra attach point per each of
the regular Linden Labs Viewer.

Problem: Non compatible viewers see your attachements float far away from you.
Fix: Use the '2' Attach Points just to wear invisible prims, like smile attachments
or Face-light, so all the regular points are free to use everything vissible.