Having being hosted (www & mail) FREE for 20 YEARS(!) at DESK.NL this
now has come to an end, more detail on this later on the history pages.
After some roaming we now have a good stable host situation thanks to
our operator/friend Rama, if up to him for the coming 20 years!:)
All major services are still up and running but some still fail if you are
using a DNS address, this is being worked on. If you have troubles starting
the stream or accessing pages via bookmarks, please use the website links.
Join us on the DFM IRC and ask for assistance if you can not work things out.



DFM is not backed up by wealthy organisations, nor have we ever gotten a subsidy/grant whatsoever.
The initial set up and maintenance was all paid out of the pockets of the operators who also donated all needed equipment. All equipment has its limited lifespan and has been fixed/replaced many times by these operators and their friends donating their spare equipment.
Most programmakers themselves pay a voluntary contribution (of own chosen amount) to help cover the base to keep all going. A calculation of the average of what actually came in from casters and operators compared to the listeners over the last years shows the casters/operators pay 75% of the cost and the listeners 25%.
Our webhosting and streaming services fortunatly allways have been free for us, thanks to several inernet/artists/media-organisations and individuals in support of DFM!
Your support is greatly appreciated and will lessen the survival struggle for DFM so we can spend that time and energy on creative contributions, thank you!


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