DFM TIME ZONE: Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, Vienna
at the moment matching CET, Central European Time (GMT/UT+1)
Europe 2014 Daylight Savings ended October 26th at 03:00; (GMT+2)
America 2014 Daylight Savings ends: November 2
00:00DISCIPLINEAnalogue & DigitalPeter D
02:00UB RADIO SALONFeaturing all the live cacophony of Big City Orchestrae with Special Guest AdditivesBCO
04:00THE NATIONAL CYNICAL NETWORKMedia Collage Variety and Found SoundPhineas Narco
07:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
18:00SOUND OF PLAIDFrenzied tour of The ECC's vinyl archivesTradeMark G.
& Frilly
20:00CAIMANNon-Western MusicThe Medicine Man
21:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
22:00DE AANLOOPSoundscaping & MixingRadioot
00:00CHILL ZONERelaxing MuzakJT
01:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
18:00MAGISTERIUMPossible RPM'sTariquat
20:00ANOTHER NICE MESSEclectic choice of The Most Adventurous New UndergroundMarcelle
22:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
00:00DAEV & MEEclectic MixDaev & Me
02:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
05:00SOUND OF PLAIDFrenzied tour of The ECC's vinyl archivesTradeMark G.
& Frilly
07:00RADIO TROUBLEfreeform from the collections of the chakra chimp bins BCO
10:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
18:00KUNSTGEBITUndergroundRazorblade Jr
20:00PORCUPINEPoetics, Proze & PoliticsMattheus
21:00OPEN SLOTSapply for a program!DAEV
23:00NO FRAG LIMITCinematic Improv ElectronicaOIMA
00:00CURTIS BAYDemodulation From ModulationMike D
01:00TIMEKNOWN2MANKINDDigital & Electronic LoopingsHabologic
02:00CHILL ZONERelaxing MuzakJT
03:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
20:00POLDERSOUNDSDrone, noise & other soundNootski
21:00PARTY TIMEReasonable dancable stuffDJ Jce Emoto
23:00STAALPLAATNew and experimental musicWebsite
00:00STAALPLAATNew and experimental musicWebsite
01:00DAEV & MEEclectic MixDaev & Me
03:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
18:00DAEV & MEEclectic MixDaev & Me
19:00ODIOUSVERMINMixcellaneous loops, trips, sounds, noises, grooves, and retro discardsYamna
20:00DAEV & MEEclectic MixDaev & Me
21:00(DIS)PERSEAmbient, Soundart, Experimental and Difficult MusicAuricular
23:00DAEV & MEEclectic Mix (moderated)Daev & Me
00:00DAEV & MEEclectic MixDaev & Me
01:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
18:00REALITY SHIFTOld & New School Techno/AcidDJ Azid
19:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
21:00DAEV & MEEclectic Mix (moderated)Daev & Me
22:00CONOSPHAERAElectric & ExperimentalDecoy
23:00DAEV & MEEclectic Mix (moderated)Daev & Me
00:00ENJOYEclectic Mix + SLwith JCE
04:00OPEN SLOTSFilled randomlyDAEV
16:00BOOF CENTRAALBetween the rails and beyondBoof
18:00DAEVEclectic Mixopen slot
19:00HAPPY HOURHappy Hour at the Anti-social ClubDr. Duke
20:00DAEV & MEModerated Eclectic MixDaev & Me
22:00BIRDS OF A FEATHER(Un)Familiar SoundzDread Rat
23:00DAEV & MEEclectic Mix (moderated)Daev & Me
During the Open Slots you can hear special designer programs, recorded shows,
spontaneous and/or advertised events, experiments and links to friend-stations.